Friday, January 23, 2009

2012 JAGUAR XJ220


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Jag are finally going mad! the XE coupe and convertible are comin soon, and this 220 could bethe greatest follow up to their Hybrid supercar in 2010. Their new XJ is still being tested in Coventry (because I've seen one) and they're planning to bring back the C-type and D-types, as well as the XF coupe, Roadster, SUV and estate, and don't frget the all new XK and XF from their newsection, R Works in 2013 (XK) and 2014 (XF). This is their breakthrough! I'l leave you on that bunch of info. the C-type is expected to cost about £150,000 to£350,000. Good Day.

Anonymous said...

This Jag does look pretty cool! We also love the new 5.0 V8 with its insane 510bhp (which is enough to make the M5 seem dweeby). If Jag carry on like this,they'll soon overtake Aston, and that doesn't happen often (last time tat DID happen was 50's). Thew new XJ seems pretty neat (yes, we've also seen one. Well, actually we've seen 2) and this seems to take several styling cues from it - the lights seem to be compessed. This is probably the hybrid supercar that Car magazine were talking about. So you've probably got a lot wrong. We expect prices to be about £100,000 to £500,000. All we know is this: It won't come cheap.